There is little in the way visitor activities in Tranquebar except seeing the Fort, King Street, the street grid and Town Gate - and watching the sea while enjoying the sea breeze.

Indian Ocean sea-bath
Taking a family sea-bath
 Schoolgirls in Tranquebar 
		during Monsoon
Tranquebar during Monsoon
 Acasia and mangrove at Point 
		Calimere Forest Reserve
Point Calimere Reserve


Tranquebar is the only coastal location between Pondicherry and Thanjavur having hotels suitable for up- and up-mid market visitors. A number of activities aimed at this marked segment could be developed:

Tranquebar could very well function as a hub for excursions to the vast number of neighbouring Hindu temples, to the Muslim pilgrimage centre Nagore and to Vailankanni the most important Catholic pilgrimage site in South India. Also Point Calimere Forest Reserve (Kodaikarai), a Ramsar site, is within easy reach from Tranquebar.

If such developments are encouraged Tranquebar could become a place of rest away from the Crowds, pollution and noise; as well as for a deserved rest after exploring religious sites, the Point Calimere Forest Reserve and the mangroves at Pichavaram.

Beach activities should be encouraged. The beach in front of the Dansborg Fort is excellent, and a 1 Km beach with no habitations is found right across the narrow Uppanar River, a 5-10 minute boat ride from the Fort beach (see map page 4).

River fishermen will provide transport to and from the undisturbed beach.

Trolling can be carried out from the newly NGO donated fibreglass outboard fishing boats acquired by the fishing community, and boat trips may be arranged along the coast during the quiet season. Fishing trips for tourist visitors are already being organised at the town of Vailankanni to the south.

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